Some call it jaddaa, atefaho, teskpony, kaipuu or Sehnsucht, some say yearning. Such feelings can be painful and - at the same time - make one happy. They make us to go in search of lost time, of childhood, of adolescence. They remind of past times and exist in clear memories of images, smells and inner frames of mind, in smallest details and perceived with all senses. Everyday items, worn-out objects, old toys or souvenirs which we have taken from home, from our parent's house tell their own stories. (Some images of objects to be found > exhibition)

But how can we find new spaces today in which we feel happy as well?

Where can we create such places and conditions in which individual and social creativity is able to unfold?

How and where can we build up a reservoir of memories for the future?

Eight migrants from quite different countries, all of them living in Hamburg, Germany were interviewed by the fine artist Jokinen. > interviews

In November 2003 the project sehnsuchtsformeln (incantations of yearning) was presented as a spatial video installation. > exhibition



sehnsuchtsformeln is work-in-progress, that means that the project will grow when you participate.

We invite you to send us your own incantations of yearning. Show your story telling talent! Under > questions you will find more information.