Neues Titelbild wird bei der Vernissage der Ausstellung ‘Wäscheleine & Co’ am 27.09. bekannt gegeben.

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eigenarten Interkulturelles Festival Hamburg

24 october to 3 november 2019


Every fall, eigenarten Interkulturelles Festival Hamburg showcases current productions by Hamburg artists from all over the world who are pursuing intercultural projects and using their art to forge exciting new connections. The program features a broad range of genres in the most diverse venues all over Hamburg. The dynamic network of artists, cultural institutions, and patrons which has emerged from the festival has grown steadily since eigenarten was first founded in 2000.

We are delighted that eigenarten continues to inspire creativity and we remain committed to the belief that the most interesting discoveries are made in the space between — between words, between people, and between cultures.

Join us on an intercultural journey!
Your eigenarten Team

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